Welcome to the web site for the 2017 World Congress on Integrative Medicine & Health. The usage of wild fauna and flora in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in particular, is a concern for worldwide wildlife conservation efforts. TCM is practiced by more than a quarter of the world's population and represents a $60 billion global market. More than 10,000 plants and animals, including endangered species such as rhinos, saiga antelopes, musk deer, Asiatic Black bears, Yangtze River dolphins, pangolins, turtles, and certain species of monkeys, orchids, and sea horses, are used in TCM.alternative medicine examples

The College will not expect physicians to be knowledgeable about every CAM modality or treatment their patients may be pursuing or may decide to pursue. About NCCAM. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Accessed Sept. 15, 2014. Naturopathy. This approach focuses on noninvasive treatments to help your body do its healing and runs on the variety of practices, such as massage, acupuncture, herbal treatments, exercise and lifestyle counseling.

Contact the CAM professional organization to ensure that your practitioner is certified. Which means that they have got proper training in their field as judged by national experts. A thorough list of certifying organizations is beyond the scope of the brochure; for example, massage therapists may have documentation through the American THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Foundation and acupuncturists through NCCAOM (the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Duke's Integrative Medicine store, for instance, sells Po Chai Pills” that are touted on the hospital's website as an end to everything from belching to hangovers to headaches. The site explains that going for a pill harmonizes the stomach, stems counterflow ascent of stomach qi, dispels damp, dispels pathogenic factors, subdues yang, relieves pain.” None of this makes sense in modern biomedical terms.

Gold: Advancing theory is a very important factor and conducting research is one more thing. The two articles I mentioned are THEORY articles. You will need to learn them and understand them conceptually. Please invest some time and read them leisurely when you are in an improved mood. The medical establishment told me to get my affairs in order, as there was nothing they could do for me.